Who is Lisa and What’s with the Hats?

We all wear many hats in life. For instance, I’m a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, pet owner and so on, but most people don’t apply that Chameleon ability to their work lives. I, however, am the type of person who, once invited, jumps right in and starts working on whatever task is most needed. I abhor the words “That’s not my job” and firmly believe that no matter what the title, when crunch time comes, everyone who is qualified and able to help out, should.

Thanks to this attitude of cooperation and teamwork, I’ve taken on a variety of roles and responsibilities in my career. I’ve had titles such as Web Designer, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Print Production Artist, Client Relationship Manager and more. For the full list, take a look at my resume.

Over the years, I have been able to provide the highest levels of client service for a variety of companies. I enjoy working on high energy projects, juggling a multitude of competing tasks and handling tight deadlines with a positive attitude. I can work onsite or offsite, alone or in a team environment.

I spend my leisure time training and playing with my dogs, being bossed around by my two house cats, and volunteering with Trenton Cats Rescue.